About Us

The British Institute of Dental & Surgical Technologists (BIDST) has been established for over 70 years and exists to provide a vehicle for the continuing education of technicians within the spheres of dental and surgical technology.

Mission Statement
"Our mission is to advance the professional status of dental and surgical technologists and to support our members in their commitment to continuous education, which will allow them to provide the highest level of knowledge, support and technical skills to the beneficiaries of their work."
Our commitment to continuing education is highlighted by our Lecture Programme and electronic CPD service. Each year BIDST will provide at least 10 verifiable CPD hours in line with GDC requirement, for the very low cost of annual membership. Our topics include core subjects for dental technicians as well as offering the latest information and research on materials and techniques, including:

• Digital Dentistry
• Occlusion and Articulation
• Principles of Partial Denture Design
• Understanding Casting Alloys

Furthermore as a member of the Institute we would welcome any suggestions for study topics and courses which you feel are relevant.

Membership of the Institute at Licentiate grade is limited to those technicians who possess the relevant academic qualifications and are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). However, if you have worked successfully within Dental Technology for a number of years and are a member of the GDC, the Institute offers Associate grade as a route to full membership. This involves demonstrating a formal commitment to a course of study which leads to a recognised qualification and with it Licentiate Grade.

The Institute has, over many years enjoyed a position as the "professional" body for dental and surgical technologists. We believe the questions facing our professions are more profound than ever before, and our answers are vital to our future.

We believe that the Institute can provide a strong and united voice in the coming debates and by joining the Institute your views can be fully expressed alongside like-minded professionals. It is our aim to make membership of the British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists an aspiration for all technicians, raising standards and portraying an image of professionalism which professional technicians deserve.

Your membership will make a difference to you as an individual and to the Institute as a representative body.

Seize this moment and apply for membership of the Institute by downloading an application by clicking here, or request an application pack by calling 0115 9683 182, or email: secretary@bidst.org

You can also write to:

The British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists
44-46 Wollaton Rd

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